Our Services

  1. Environmental Law
    We advise on environmental regulatory compliance, policy, risk allocation, environmental management and planning, and public consultation. Our lawyers also advise on political & regulatory changes, and offer guidance on voluntary CSR and sustainability initiatives.
  2. Advice for Professionals
    We provide legal and strategic advice to professionals on environmental and climate change issues, including to lawyers, regulated bodies, land use planners, public officials, and other professionals.
  3. Sustainability Law
    Our corporate/commercial law practice focuses on the unique legal needs of small, green, and social enterprises by creating value through strategic sustainable business solutions from green leases, to brownfield development to sustainable business certification.
  4. Real Estate and Development
    We assist clients with real estate transactions and land development, including transactions with climate and environmental issues. We provide advice on, and draft agreements which promote, sustainability and appropriate risk allocation.
  5. Public Interest Advocacy
    We advise non-profits, charities, and other public interest groups on matters such as incorporation, governance, and advocacy. We also provide law and policy recommendations, comparative legal & policy analyses, legislative drafting, and advice on sustainability and environmental justice.
  6. Energy and Climate Change
    Our clients look to us for help identifying opportunities in development projects to identify climate change risks and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also provide our clients with advice on legislative developments regarding climate change and energy regulation.