Our Clients

At Viridius Lex, we combine our legal expertise with a commitment to sustainable development and social justice to provide our clients with the refreshing experience of receiving legal services and advice which are in line with their individual, organizational or corporate values.  At Viridius Lex, we prioritize our clients’ goals, and recognize that our clients don’t operate in a vacuum: in addition to requiring that their legal needs are met, our clients also have a strong desire to ensure that their decisions and operations will not cause harm in the short or long term. As knowledge leaders in the field, we work with clients to promote social and environmental well-being. Our lawyers address not only our clients’ legal needs, but tailor our legal services to meet our clients’ sustainability needs.  

At Viridius Lex we aim to provide our experience in compliance counselling, sustainability, and best practices to clients interested in entering, supporting, or growing a green economy. Our target audience includes: businesses and social enterprises, individuals, not-for-profit organizations and charities, and professionals in need of environmental or sustainability advice.
  1. Businesses & Social Enterprises
    We support businesses and social enterprises that are seeking to meet and exceed evolving regulatory requirements, including clients in the following sectors: clean tech, food and beverage, agriculture, textile and design, and trades. These clients are not only interested in getting ahead of the legal curve, but in exploiting a foreseeable regulatory framework to their advantage. They will see the value in sustainable practices to their bottom line, their clients, and the community, both current and future.
  2. Individuals and Community Groups
    We assist individuals and community groups seeking legal advice in the course of real estate transactions, land development, estate planning, and investment decisions. Our services allow our clients to make decisions which promote sustainability and avoid environmental and climate risk.
  3. Not-for-profits and Charities
    We work with organizations that represent or advocate for the public interest and vulnerable members of the community. These organisations will have the benefit of counsel that is experienced in public interest advocacy and intimately familiar with what for-profit organisations are capable of with respect to sustainable practices, reduced environmental impact, and GHG emissions. Where environmental policy and legislative barriers are identified, we can help our clients advocate for change and facilitate environmental democracy by advising on opportunities for the public to participate in environmental decision-making.
  4. Legal & Other Professionals
    As experienced environmental lawyers, we are well positioned to support professionals, including lawyers, who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of environmental law in Ontario and Canada. ​ Our areas of expertise cover regulatory compliance, environmental and climate risk in real estate and business transactions, land use planning, brownfield redevelopment, environmental offences, litigation, and law and policy reform. If you have or think you may have an environmental issue in your file, contact us for a consultation.