About Us

​​​Viridius Lex is latin for ‘greener law’. As environmental lawyers, we wanted a  firm name that would convey our intention to help advance social and business culture to consider sustainability, public health, and the environment as a matter of course.  Investing in sustainability has clear economic benefits. We believe that the role of lawyers can go beyond merely providing advice on attaining minimum legal requirements to that of trusted sustainability advisors, who can shed light on opportunities for clients, and other stakeholders, to flourish while also exceeding minimum standards.     

The founding members of Viridius Lex have their origins rooted in practicing environmental law in the public interest. Respect for the environment, public health, and our communities is our touchstone. We believe sustainability should be the foundation of every business and not just due diligence points on a checklist. Counselling and educating on sustainability and how it can benefit the future of not only the company, but also the environment and the community, is our way of improving the quality of life for years to come. When we assist our clients, our aim is for them to confidently say that they have done everything they possibly could to protect the well-being of their own clients, employees, and communities while running a sustainable and economically successful enterprise.

​​​​​Our holistic approach to our client's legal problems entails a commitment to innovation, collaboration and teamwork to ensure our clients’ sustainability goals are realized. Engaging in areas of law which are highly technical and ever-changing, we offer our clients not only thorough and in-depth legal advice but strategic and innovative guidance which takes into account both the high sustainability standard our clients impose upon themselves, the growing demands of the public for ethical and sustainable goods and services, as well as foresight on evolving legal standards. We combine our commitment to sustainability with legal expertise to provide transactional and compliance services. We are committed to providing legal services tailored to the unique needs of our clients.
At Viridius Lex, we are committed to promoting access to justice. We have competitive prices, and offer flat-rate, subscription and installment pricing. We also provide reduced rates to not-for-profit organizations working to promote sustainable development and improve social and environmental standards. As a social enterprise, our legal practice not only enables our clients to meet and exceed their regulatory obligations, but is committed, through reduced rates and pro bono work, to improving social and environmental ends.  So, choosing Viridius Lex for your legal needs will also yield positive returns for your community. 

​Through our services, we hope to encourage private behaviour and the law itself to become greener over time. Viridius Lex is the lexical reflection of our aspirations.

Burgandy Dunn


Burgandy provides strategic legal advice to individual, corporate and not-for-profit clients on the regulatory framework, climate and environmental risk, sustainability initiatives, and opportunities for law and policy reform. Burgandy works with clients who strive to improve environmental and social outcomes through individual and corporate choices. 
Burgandy Dunn
Burgandy Dunn is the co-founding partner of Viridius Lex. Before Viridius Lex, Burgandy worked as a lawyer and consultant, practicing environmental law in both the private bar and with public interest organizations. Burgandy teaches a course in Environmental Law at Ryerson University and authors “Environmental Regulation in Canada” for LexisNexis. With her high level of familiarity with environmental law and policy, awareness of trends and best practices in environmental regulation, Burgandy advises her clients on opportunities to surpass regulatory requirements and adopt sustainable practices in their personal and business affairs.  

Rizwan Khan​


With his years of experience in environmental compliance, public advocacy, legislative development, and litigation, Rizwan assists his clients to cost-effectively meet or exceed their environmental regulatory requirements, and implement sustainable practices.​​
Rizwan Khan
Rizwan is the co-founding partner of Viridius Lex. Prior to forming Viridius Lex, he practiced at a prominent public interest environmental law firm where he focused on environmental justice and advocacy for low income Ontarians. Rizwan has worked for First Nations communities to protect drinking water, fought to ensure commercial entities adhere to regulatory requirements, and made submissions and recommendations to government bodies to protect and improve environmental and public health.​​​

Angie Wynn

Of Counsel

Angie specializes in wills and estate planning services including preparing wills, powers of attorney and establishing trusts.  In addition, Angie advises private family businesses, charities, not-for-profits and partnerships on formation, organization and compliance as well as the purchase and sale of assets and businesses.  She also has experience in personal and small business tax strategies and succession planning.
Rizwan Khan
Prior to joining Viridius Lex, Angie practiced corporate income tax law at one of Canada’s leading law firms. In addition to her legal degree, Angie has a Commerce degree and business background with experience in finance and small business advisory. Angie grew up within a family farming business and has first-hand experience in managing the challenges that small businesses face in growing and adapting to changing conditions. She is dedicated to understanding her clients’ personal and business needs and providing customized solutions.